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Bob’s Burgers is an animated show that follows the lives of the Belcher family. Bob runs a burger restaurant with the help of his wife Linda and children Tina, Gene and Louise. There are also a whole host of side characters that you will fall in love with (this is my favourite animated show so this will be a slightly biased recap!) It’s available to watch in the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland on Amazon Prime. The Land Ship is episode 2 from season 6. 

The Land Ship is a yearly parade that only adults and Tina are excited about. Her friends tell her she is “an unsalted pretzel” because she’s so boring. At the same time there is a graffiti tagger (known as Ghost Boy) leaving little ghosts all over town. When Tina finds out who Ghost Boy is she wants to tell her teacher who he is, but, not wanting to be boring forever she instead helps him with his tagging. She sneaks out at night and eventually Ghost Boy kisses her. Tina’s morals are further questioned when he wants to tag the sail on the Land Ship the night before the parade. 

She tries to talk him out of it but in the end she helps him tag the sail. When she gets home though she has major regrets and sneaks out again to paint over the graffiti. With some help from her siblings she manages to do it just in time for the start of the parade. While watching the parade with her friends and Jordan (Ghost Boy), they are outed as being responsible for the graffiti. Her friends are impressed with her new found spice, but Jordan breaks up with her because she painted over the ghost. Tina ends up watching the parade with Jimmy Jr. which makes me laugh because boys never grow out of only wanting a girl when they see her with someone else!

If you’re wondering where Bob and Linda are while their daughter is sneaking out at night, they’re dealing with a problem of their own. Bob had hoped that The Land Ship parade would be a busy time for the restaurant, but when Porta Pottys are left right outside their door, he panics. He and Linda sneak out at night to try to move them, with a little help from Teddy, but in the end they end up being busier than ever.

This is definitely Tina’s episode and it’s a good lesson in not compromising your morals while wanting to step out of your comfort zone. She’s 13 and obviously wants the approval of her friends, and while she enjoyed tagging with Jordan, she knew when to draw the line. She fixed the graffiti and was able to enjoy the Land Ship parade with her friends. 

-Michelle O’Brien
Contributing Writer
Girl Museum Inc.

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