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Get Even is a BBC teen thriller drama featuring four girls who band together to expose and fight justice. Oh, and there is murder, but we’ll skim over that part for now. The aspect of the show that I want to focus on is how it reflects the struggles of teenage girlhood. Spoiler alert: I will be discussing some plot points from the beginning of the show. The focus is on four teenage girls – Kitty, Olivia, Margot, and Bree. The girls seem to be completely different, and yet they unite through their want for justice. The girls form the group D.G.M – Don’t Get Mad – with their motto ‘Get Even’ being the inspiration for the show’s title.

Episode one immediately introduces the audience to themes that are explored throughout. The girls sign off each message to each other with their code names; “The Boss”, “The Princess”, “The Brains”, and “The Misfit”. The names represent the stereotypical identities associated with teenage girls. Rather than the nicknames forcing these characters into certain moulds, they liberate them. The names create an underlying sense of sarcasm within the show. These self-aware characters are mocking the traditional roles seen within teen dramas. It is clear that these characters have more depth than these surface level labels imply. The characters unite through their differences, rather than being forced apart by them . An example of how the variety within girlhood should be celebrated. This show can be considered a small step forward, as it produces a refreshing take on contrasting personalities within girls. However, there should be emphasis put on ‘small step’. The variety within the group is still limited and we should be seeing more. Our screens and media show provide us with an all-encompassing image of girlhood. 

Other issues that girls face are also explored within the first few episodes. Sexual manipulation, cyber bullying, parental pressures, and societal expectations are all explored. The list continues to grow throughout the show. Making it apparent that the show is attempting to be an informative piece, whilst still providing entertainment. The representation of these aspects of girlhood prove important. In many shows and films the main issue a girl faces is ‘how to get the boy to like her’. Get Even, although admittedly cheesy and cringe-worthy, deals with more substantial concepts. The representation of girlhood as being complex is something to be celebrated. 

The show is aimed towards a teen demographic, but it managed to pique my interest through its underlying themes. If you are looking for a cheesy, easy binge watch, with an element of girl power then this is the perfect show!

-Josie Evans
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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