For most of my girlhood, I wore a red ribbon in my hair. Not for fashion or aesthetic reasons, but solely because it made me feel like my favourite book character, Violet Baudelaire. Existing within the thirteen-book series The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, Violet felt – and sometimes still feels – like a real person to me

I felt I had a lot in common with Violet. Like me, she is the eldest of three siblings. Like me, she feels the duty that comes with being the eldest, and she is responsible and hardworking as a result. Like me, Violet loves crafts and building inspired inventions. Naturally, we both also had long brown hair.  

Intelligent, resourceful, determined, and inventive, Violet overcomes hundreds of challenges to save her siblings and protect herself from an evil madman determined to steal their inherited fortune. Alongside her brother Klaus and her baby sister Sunny, fourteen-year-old Violet creates inventions and plots plans to survive misfortune after misfortune. Refusing to give up even when every adventure ends in disaster, her intelligence saves the three siblings time and time again. 

Strong-willed, brave, and empathetic, Violet Baudelaire is as intelligent as she is compassionate. She deserves to be remembered as a true girlhood heroine. 

-Rosalie Elliffe
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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