Hurrah! The current fashion trend is leading away from skinny jeans and favouring more the 70s style wide legged trousers. Clothes that suit me again! But Fashion isn’t something I try to understand; someone who does is Tavi Gevinson. A teenage girl who has become famous for fashion musings on her blog Style Rookie and who was voted a ‘Vogueista’ by Italian Vogue back in November.

While she started the blog at the age of 11, she has become a sort-of fashion star, featuring in interviews, magazine covers and collaborating to produce fashion lines (notably with BordersandFrontiers to produce a line of t-shirts).  We have a now-13 year-old blogger who has become a major influence in the fashion world.

There are, of course, many fashion blogs out there, many of which feature pictures of the bloggers themselves in outfits put together themselves. But is this right for a young girl to become involved in? Is it right that a 13 year old should post pictures of herself online or are we living in a time when Tavi’s generation don’t feel the need or right to privacy? Fashion and children is an interesting area. The Pre-Victorian world saw children dressed as little adults and now there’s a return to this, albeit more risqué.

Should an interest in fashion be encouraged in the young or should functional clothes be encouraged. Is the world of fashion too controversial for young girls to be interested in?  A previous blog post looked at the disturbing pictures taken of little girls in French Vogue. Is fashion, like make-up, something that girls should experiment with as teenagers ? Or should someone like Tavi be admired for being the youngest influential blogger – someone’s whose opinion is noted by those who are twice Tavi’s age.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I admire her confidence and am jealous of her ability to ooze cool, but she is still 13. Check out her blog and make up your own decision.

– Julie Anne Young
Junior Girl
Girl Museum, Inc.

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