When I was young, my brother was into games so by default I spent time playing Super Mario with him (it’s still my fav). Now I play because I enjoy the challenge, the variety and the community that comes from games. Most recently I spent time playing Fallout Vault, Dreamfall Chapters and Angry Birds.

My husband and kids are really into games. We talk about our games at dinner, we watch YouTube about games and we work on skills to develop our own games.

We’re looking forward to the release of Fallout 4. My husband is taking time off work and we’re keeping the kids home from school so that we can play it together. Games are great tools for community building and learning.

In my graduate research work, I taught the game Minecraft to older adults. The benefits of gaming later in life motivate me to advocate for games in areas that seem to be overlooked, like education and later life.

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