Sylveon from the Pokemon universe

The answer to why I game is a somewhat complicated one. I started gaming back in the early 90s, mostly on MUDs, back in the wee dawn of the internet. This allowed me a kind of wall between reality and myself that allowed me to connect to other people on my own terms, and have them see me for who I was.

I am a transgender woman, and I lacked the knowledge at the time to transition, and I felt the most comfortable online, socializing as a girl, and later a woman. The best games that I played, and that I really enjoyed, were the ones that had a female protagonist, or ones where I could create girl avatars. Even though I’ve transitioned now (not that anybody actually stops transitioning), I still play games for mostly the same reason. Unless I make it obvious, people just treat me for who I am.

-Katheine Ullman
United States

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