Township loading screen
Township loading screen.

I’m a creature of habit, I love routine and I crave structure. The last year has not been good for this. March 2020, like a lot of people, I transitioned to working from home. While this had its perks (no more three hour daily commute!), it wasn’t great for my routine. Initially I developed some bad habits: I would make my morning coffee and scroll through social media. I used to use my commute to read or listen to podcasts, now I was doomscrolling on Twitter. This would always put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day because this year has not been full of good news. Then I discovered the game Township in the App Store. 

Township is a mix of farming and city building. It’s in the same family of The Sims which I loved as a teenager so it’s also nostalgic in a weird way. You build your town with factories, homes, farms, a zoo and lots of decorations. There’s tasks you can complete to earn money to enhance your town. They also have regular mini events with games and limited edition content so it never gets boring. The 10 minutes I spend in the morning playing this game genuinely puts me in a good mood for the day. I started gaming as a distraction but now I game because I enjoy it, there’s tons of similar games that I may have to download!

-Michelle O’Brien
Contributing Writer
Girl Museum Inc.

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