Why We Wander podcast: Museum Travel
Photo Credit: Emily Clarke

In the new year, whilst I was travelling the East Coast of Australia, I was contacted on Instagram (@museum.musings) by The Wandering Scholar; a company who specialises in “making international travel and learning opportunities accessible to exceptional high schoolers from underrepresented and low-income backgrounds”. I had followed the organisation on social media for around a year as I was interested in their projects and the content they made relating to travel across the world. So, when they asked me whether I would be willing to contribute their podcast series “Why We Wander”, I was very excited! The podcast looks into why and how different people travel and explores their travelling experiences, so of course, my episode focused on my two great loves: Museums and Travel.

The day before the interview I was sent over a list of questions – which was very useful as I like to pre-plan and make sure I’m not just rambling on (which I have a tendency to do!) In all I was asked around 8 questions which included: 

  • Can you share a little about your blog and Instagram and how your interest in museums got started?
  • Do you find yourself travelling to particular destinations because you have heard about a museum/special exhibit? 
  • Has a visit to a museum ever changed your mind about an important issue, or challenged your assumptions about a place or culture? 

It was great to reflect on why I have such a passion for travel and museums and how the two have enabled me to learn so much about the world around me in a way that I may not have experienced in other ways. Travelling around the UK, Europe and East Australia visiting museums has brought me so much joy and I can’t wait to continue with my museum adventures in the future. I am so grateful that the organisation was interested in my work/passion enough to invite me to talk and I am glad that I got to shout out the wonderful Girl Museum in the process!

You can find my episode, Number 27: Museum Travel, on the Wandering Scholar’s SoundCloud site, iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher alongside all of the other great podcasts in the series. You can also find the link and more of their amazing content on their Instagram page: The Wandering Scholar. I also document my museum adventures on my blog so please do have a listen/read and share if you like!

-Emily Clarke
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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