Brooke, Haley and Peyton from One Tree Hill.
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Since March 13th I have been working from home. I decided to move back to my mother’s home (one of my housemates is a front-line worker in a hospital and I wanted to be as safe as possible). Since I no longer spend three hours a day commuting (writing that makes me realise how crazy it is), I have more time to read and catch up on films and TV. I’ve been avoiding the news as much as possible because I found that it was negatively affecting my mood. 

Today there is an almost unlimited supply of content through the various online streaming services. At the click of a button you can binge the latest popular show, but I have found myself reaching for older shows, namely the teen dramas that I watched when I was a teenager. The main reason that I revisit these shows is that I like knowing how things end. I’m not great with change or the unexpected! The shows also bring me back to a simpler time in my life when I didn’t have to worry about job security or bills, or the distance between myself and my friends.

If you are need in of some inspiration for your next binge watch I’ve listed some of my favourite shows below. 

  1. One Tree Hill: this was and still is my favourite teen drama. At various stages I have related to all the female characters. When I was in school it was Haley, when I was lost in my early 20’s it was Peyton. Today I hope that I’m like Brooke. All of the characters in the show prove that it is possible to change and grow into the person you want to be, regardless of what other people think. The high school years are the best however there are some enjoyable storylines in the later seasons. 
  2. Friday Night Lights: I thought this show was all about football but it’s about so much more than that. It deals with issues of race, poverty and the pressure that all students face to succeed. The female characters of Tyra, Lyla and Julie all grow throughout the series and any show with Connie Britton is worth watching in my book! 
  3. Gossip Girl: this show was the sole reason I wanted to visit New York City, when I eventually did visit, I had lunch on the steps of the Met in true GG style! The city and fashion of the characters were characters in themselves and while some of the storylines are outlandish it is a beautiful show to watch. 
  4. The O.C.: the show at times focused more on the parents (which I am into today, not so much at 14) but it also dealt with major issues that affect teens. Marissa’s overdose while in Tijuana, Ryan struggling to fit into his new world and Seth’s unrequited love for Summer made you connect with these characters. The final season of the show isn’t the best however I would still recommend watching the whole way through. 
  5. Pretty Little Liars: this is kind of cheating because I started watching this when I was 20 but I had read the books as a teenager. I loved the mystery premise of the show however it was the friendship between the main characters that kept me hooked. The first two seasons are the best so if you don’t want to commit to seven seasons, I would suggest just those two. 

-Michelle O’Brien
Contributing Writer
Girl Museum Inc.

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