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Girl Museum is the first and only museum in the world dedicated to celebrating girls and girlhood. As we approach our 10th anniversary, we are implementing ways to attain long-term sustainability, and that means asking our loyal visitors — you — to help us grow and thrive.

For as little as $1 per month less than cup of coffee you can support our mission.

Since 2009, we have expanded into a world-class producer of exhibitions, collaborative projects, podcasts, and other media that document, preserve, and advocate for girls’ unique culture and rights around the world. We are led by an all-volunteer Senior Staff and supported by a host of Junior Girls and volunteers. That’s right we are all volunteers. Meaning no one gets paid.

In 2017, we had almost 100,000 visitors, produced 4 exhibitions, grew to a senior staff of 10, and produced a podcast series listened to by over 21,000 people. Our virtual museum enables people to access the history and culture of girls all over the world — the only thing necessary is an internet connection.

We have tried various fundraisers and one-time donations, but in order to sustainably grow our museum, we need to have consistent funding. This is why we have created the Girl Museum Sisterhood, which is exclusively available via our Patreon page. Monthly donations are more budget-friendly for all, and Patreon is a proven platform to build communities dedicated to sustaining the causes that matter to them.

Becoming a member of the Sisterhood means you enjoy exclusive benefits, like behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and opportunities to contribute. You also make a statement about your values, proclaiming your support for girl culture and rights.

Our goal is $125 per month, and there are different levels of support you can pledge, from $1 a month up to $100 a month. We hope to reach $125 per month by today, October 11, which is International Day of the Girl Child. This will enable us to keep our virtual museum free and open 24/7 to all.

Please take a look at our Patreon and sign up to become a Sister today!

-Sage Daugherty
Associate Editor
Girl Museum

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