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Russian girlSince 2009, we've worked on building a world-class virtual museum.  We've established our reputation, refined our techniques, and assembled a dedicated team passionate about our mission.

We've done that -- and now we're ready to do more.

Girls have always been important -- in all time periods and cultures.  Girl Museum exists to give girls everywhere a space of their own -- where their history, culture, and achievements are preserved and celebrated, and where we can advocate for the rights and inclusion of girls on a global scale.

As a volunteer-run museum and non-profit, we are funded entirely by donations

Your contributions go directly into helping keep our museum operational and producing engaging programs dedicated to telling the real stories of girls.  Your contributions are also entirely tax-deductible, as we are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit.

You can be a part of this incredible opportunity for girls and women.  Please support us and become part of an international community dedicated to giving girls the history -- and the museum -- they deserve.  

Thank you in advance for your donation.


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Please make it out to Girl Museum and post it to:

Girl Museum Inc.
161 Forest Road
Havana, FL 32333

We trust that anyone taking the time to write a check does so in good faith.

Girl Museum, Inc.
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