GirlSpeak Projects

Our GirlSpeak series present a wide variety of collaborations, community-produced exhibitions, multimedia, and virtual projects that enable you help us celebrate girlhood. Each project documents a unique aspect of girlhood, from celebrating our heroines and family history to reflecting on the ways that girls impact and are impacted by society. We also produce multimedia projects, such as our GirlSpeak podcast series and upcoming film series, that explore art, history, and contemporary culture as interpreted by girls today.

Podcast: GirlSpeak

GirlSpeak is a monthly podcast about girls’ history, art, and culture.  We explore topics like how girls are represented in art and museums, mythological stories and folktales, our favorite stories about awesome girls, and special topics related to our exhibitions and programs.

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Community Collaborations

Want to add your voice to Girl Museum? 

The following projects were produced with specific girl communities and our partners, in order to shine light on contemporary social issues and girls’ experiences in the world. Each documents a unique part of girlhood – from family history to reflections on passions, hobbies, and experiences. They are open to submissions year-round.

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Heroines Quilts

Every even year, we celebrate the women who have made a difference in our lives by featuring their stories in our Heroines Quilt. Since 2012, these quilts have documented the wide variety of role models that girls consider their heroines—from famous actresses and historical figures to the mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends who positively impact their lives.

Want to submit your heroine to our next quilt? Send her picture and a 250-400 word narrative about why she is your heroine to

Sites of GirlhoodSites of Girlhood

Sites of Girlhood is a large scale global project to put girls “on the map.” Girls around the world have been part participants and, at times, victims to some of the greatest moments in history. Their stories are more important than ever, shedding new light on our history while giving us a unique view of our hometowns and home countries.

This collaborative project is an opportunity for both a celebration of girls in history as well as establishing sites of memory in their honor. Through virtual recognition and the resources produced for this project, we will advocate for greater recognition and inclusion of girls.

Click here to visit Sites of Girlhood.

Kiwi Chicks

Kiwi Chicks: New Zealand Girl History/Ngā Kōhine Kiwi: He Hitori Taitamāhine o Aotearoa is a collections-driven exhibition project that explores girlhood in New Zealand during the 18th-20th centuries co-produced by Girl Museum and National Services Te Paerangi.

In order to preserve NZ girl culture, this project aims to identify ‘girlhood’ objects in New Zealand museums, libraries, archives, schools, historical societies, and art galleries, and then create an exciting exhibition that informs and inspires girls of today with the stories, achievements and struggles of yesterday’s girls, as well as reaching a general audience.

Click here to visit Kiwi Chicks.

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