Why We Need Girl Studies: Mary Celeste Kearney

Mary Celeste Kearney is the Director of Gender Studies and Associate Professor of Film, Television, Theatre at the University of Notre Dame. She is also on the board of the International Girl Studies Association, and is currently editing a special issue of the Girlhood Studies journal that focuses on articles about girls of color and other marginalized forms of girlhood.

Why We Need Girl Studies: Marnina Gonick

Dr. Marnina Gonick is a Professor of Education and Women & Gender Studies at Mount St Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her research interests are in the areas of girl studies, identity, visual culture, feminist cultural studies, gender and schooling, feminist pedagogies, feminist post-structural theory and feminist qualitative research. She is the author of “Between Femininities: Ambivalence, Identity and the Education of Girls” (SUNY Press, 2003) and “Young Femininity: Girlhood, Power and Social Change” (Palgrave Press, 2005).

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