Girlhood Hobbies: Band and Colorguard

I’ve been into musical instruments for what feels like all of my life, but fifth grade is when I really fell in love with it. The summer before fifth grade, I knew what was coming that next school year: band. My cousin, who was a few years ahead of me, told so...

Keeper of Memories

When a long lost friend or a cousin brings up an incident of my childhood, my memories take up the most vivid and luminous forms of corporeality.

Memories of Girlhood: 1960s High School

Four women attended high school together in Los Angeles. They were all born in 1943. One day, they gathered to talk about their teenage memories, including being late bloomers, kissing, and dating in high school. These are their stories.

Memories of Girlhood: Twinning

I have been graced with the presence of a wonderful best friend to grow up alongside—my identical twin sister. Growing up with someone who looks exactly like me has its struggles though.

Memories of Girlhood: Difference and Conformity

One vivid memory I have of my girlhood was when I was asked to play Mary, Mary quite contrary‚ in the harvest celebration. Now I wasn’t the most natural child performer, but I did always enjoy being in performances, so I was utterly over the moon when I...

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