Meet Our Team

Girl Museum was founded by our Head Girl, Ashley E. Remer, and is overseen by a Board of Directors. We also consult with our Advisory Board of scholars and professionals, who help advance our mission and contribute to our programs. Our all-volunteer team is organized into two tiers: our Senior Staff (long-term volunteers dedicated to specific programs or projects) and our Junior Girls & Boys (interns and volunteers).

Ashley E. Remer

Ashley E. Remer

Founder and Head Girl

Ashley E. Remer is an art historian by trade and a global citizen by experience. She has collaborated with scholars, educators, artists, NGOs, and girls around the world to raise awareness and promote change for girls’ rights. Through Girl Museum, she has developed a girl-centered feminist framework for looking at arts and culture. Currently working on her PhD at the Australian National University, her research is focused on representations of girls in art and how they are interpreted in public museums. She asserts that work to de-misogynize art history and museums is as essential as de-colonizing them.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of the members below. We meet four times per year to oversee the budget and management as implemented by the Head Girl. Interested in being a board member? Contact us to discuss this unique opportunity to help us fulfill our mission and increase girls’ representation around the world.

Mercedes Pino

Mercedes Pino

At a very early age, I would line up all of my dolls and play teacher. As a first-generation Cuban American, my parents always encouraged me to be the best at whatever I wanted to be. So I studied to be a teacher and a lawyer. Somewhere along the way I mixed the two and decided to work at a law school. Now my job is to encourage students to be the best whatever they decide to be.

Teri R. Abstein

Teri R. Abstein

Teri is a pragmatic collector and an obsessive organizer. These attributes lend themselves handily to museum work. She landed in her museum vocation almost by accident through fortuitous decisions and the faith of others. To both fate and certitude she will be eternally grateful for they have allowed her to ‘play with the stuff’ and ‘share with the kids’.

Senior Staff

Our senior staff is comprised of long-term volunteers who have dedicated themselves to our cause. Many began as interns who showed the drive, creativity, and dedication that help us do great work.

Claire Amundson

Welsh world traveler passionate about making heritage accessible to all. Fascinated with history and music, and loves learning about different cultures both past and present.

Amber Barnes
Junior Curator

Amber holds an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art, and a BA (Hons) in Visual Culture from the University of Brighton. Specializing in 18th to 20th century British art, she has collaborated on a number of exhibitions.

Monique Brough

A Kiwi living the history lovers dream in Edinburgh, immersing herself in her favourite subjects of history and travel. Loves learning new histories and cultures as well as devouring books.

Lexi Burrows
Education Assistant

Londoner fascinated with all things museums, specialising in sustainability and their potential for wellbeing. Masters in Museum Studies. Loves sewing and baking cakes.

Sage Daugherty
Associate Editor

NYC-based journalist and freelance writer with a passion for history and women's studies. Feminist, optimist, and lover of books, politics, Harry Potter, and Disney movies.

Elizabeth Dillenburg
Resident Scholar

Assistant Professor of History at Ohio State Universtiy, specializing in modern Europe, gender history, and the history of childhood.

Scarlett Evans
Manager, Contemporary Art

Londoner obsessed with television, books, traveling, and art. Working as a journalist in London and pursuing a life of cultural and geographical exploration. 

Brittany Hill
Sites of Girlhood Manager

Hawaiian daydreamer with a PhD in Archaeology, focused on Ancient Romano-British funerary practices.

Michelle O'Brien
Contributing Writer

Irish country-born lover of history and museums. Seeking to travel the world, expand her comfort zones, get through her 'to read list' and conquer her Netflix addiction.

Tiffany Rhoades Isselhardt
Program Developer

American girl whose obsession with Colonial America and books led to an MA in Public History and a career as a Wonder Woman of exhibitions, interpretation, and museum administration. Also obsessed with her dog.

Hillary Rose
Education Advisor

History and biology teacher with a Master's in Museum Studies, working in various museums and education from age 3 through university. Enjoys traveling with her husband and playing with her two huskies.

Tia Shah
Contributing Writer

Durham University Alum with an MA in Early Modern History, now fulfilling her dreams working as a learning assistant in a beautiful historic house. Loves reading, food, visiting historic sites, coffee with friends and enjoying all of the above whilst travelling! 

Katie Weidmann

Writer, ex-pat, feminist, environmentalist, and general 'ist', uses degree in English Literature and Museum Studies to nitpick our texts, watch far too much sci-fi, and play board games. 

Yuwen Zhang
Education Assistant

Born and raised in Anyang, China, Yuwen holds an Master's in Education and works as an educational designer in Canada. Her interests include children's literature, gender identity, and creating digital safe spaces for girls.

Junior Girls & Boys

Our team would not be complete without our wonderful interns. The Junior Girls and Junior Boys, as we call them, have produced incredible work for us – much of which focuses on their own research interests and career goals.

Our interns hail from all around the world, and many have gone on to pursue wonderful museum careers, advanced degrees, and families. Learn more about them and what brings them to Girl Museum in the blogs below.

Meet Our Interns: Anaïs Pedron

Meet Our Interns: Anaïs Pedron

Hi! I’m Anaïs. I was born in France but I’ve been living in London since 2013. I studied history and journalism and volunteered in a few museums in France and the UK. I have studied eighteenth-century French history – with a particular interest in gender history,...

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Meet Our Interns: Lucy Mullins

Meet Our Interns: Lucy Mullins

Hello! My name is Lucy Mullins and I currently live in Kent in the South-East of England with my family. I graduated from the University of Winchester with a bachelor’s degree in History in 2020, and have recently completed my master’s degree in Curating at the...

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Meet Our Interns: Gabrielle Van Amburg

Meet Our Interns: Gabrielle Van Amburg

Hello! My name is Gabrielle and I am from San Francisco, California, USA. I recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a masters in museum studies, and I’m so excited to join the Girl Museum team as I begin my museum career journey! I’m a major history...

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Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of internationally renowned women in academia and the museum world. They help to produce projects, advise on research interests, and spread the word about our museum.

Mary Case, Qm2

Dr. Rachel Devlin, Associate Professor of History, Tulane University

Dr. Catherine Driscoll, Associate Professor, Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney

Dr. Miriam Forman-Brunell, Professor of History, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Elaine Heumann Gurian,  The Museum Group

Dr. Mary Celeste Kearney, Associate Professor, Department of Film, Television, and Theatre, University of Notre Dame

Dr. Claudia Mitchell, Professor, Faculty of Education, McGill University

Dr. Ilana Nash, Assistant Professor of English and Women’s Studies, Western Michigan University

Dr. Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, Associate Professor of Education, Penn State University

Dr. Kelly Schrum, Associate Professor, Center for History and New Media, George Mason University

Dr. Lynne Vallone, Professor of Childhood Studies, Rutgers University

Dr. Valerie Walkerdine, Research Professor, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

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