The Kiss that Should Not Have Been

“He’s a bad man,” said my son straight away when he saw the picture of Spanish player Jenni Hermoso’s head being held and kissed forcibly by Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football federation. He may have also seen my face of utter...

Don’t Shame the Fat Bottomed Girls

This week, child-friendly streaming service Yoto decided to pull one of the most beloved Queen songs – “Fat Bottomed Girls” – from the Greatest Hits album when it was added to their platform. Though the band agreed, fans are outraged at the...

How Can We Be Numb?

So you are out here while they scour the hallways with bomb-sniffing dogs and you get out of class again for what is probably nothing but someone wanting to not be in class so they called it in. But they always take it seriously, because the world isn’t numb yet. No one is numb yet.

Will Sisterhood Save Us?

Feminism is fractured. Can sisterhood save it? Tiffany reflects on a decade in girl studies, our work as scholars, and the path forward in this month’s rant.

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