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Our Girl Reviews showscases blogs that discuss how girls are portrayed in and impacted by books, movies, television shows, live performances, museums and exhibits, games, and products.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about these reviews.  If you would like to submit a review, send us an email with your name, country, and a 250-750 word review discussing how that media, museum exhibit, or product portrays and impacts girls.

Book Review: Mambo in Chinatown

Sage Daugherty reviews Mambo in Chinatown by Jean Kwok. The novel is about a 22-year-old girl who accidentally becomes a dance teacher and fights to make a better life for her family.

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A Galentine to Madam Secretary

Dear Madam Secretary, Thank you for your positive female role models, who are smart, strong, compassionate women that work tirelessly to make the world a better place.

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Book Review: There’s Someone inside Your House

There’s Someone inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins follows high school student Makani Young as she settles into her new life in Nebraska. She moved from Hawaii under mysterious circumstances, but quickly makes friends and, as with many YA books, finds romance. Her...

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Book Review: Girl Overboard

Associate Editor Sage Daugherty reviews Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley, a novel about a girl and her experiences on and off the snowboarding slopes.

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Movie Review: Lady Bird

This movie has my heart. I watched it last autumn, but decided to re-watch it now to be sure about my feelings and emotions. Well, I confess that my ideas have not changed to date. This movie is about a 17 years old pink-haired girl living in California, who is about...

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Film Review: Clueless

Junior Girl Jessica Eykel reviews cult classic film, Clueless, and talks about the twenty-year-old film’s portrayals of girlhood.

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Teen Dramas: Dirty Dancing

Teen movies are not a modern idea; they have been around for decades. As with any genre of film the best era is always subjective. However, people tend to choose the decade when they were a teenager as the best,the characters being most relatable. Today, with...

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