How Can We Be Numb?

So you are out here while they scour the hallways with bomb-sniffing dogs and you get out of class again for what is probably nothing but someone wanting to not be in class so they called it in. But they always take it seriously, because the world isn’t numb yet. No one is numb yet.

There is Strength in Braided Rope

And so, while I appreciate that on TDoV we may want to celebrate legislative progress or recognize the achievements of trans celebrities, I want to encourage that we, meaning fellow trans folks, also use this day as a moment to pause and recognize how sacred it is when we are intimately and mundanely visible to each other.

The New ’20s Girl is Sad and Violent

In mid-February, the United States’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report that detailed “an unprecedented level of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts among America’s young women.” The report is based on a 2021...

Debating Gun Violence: 25 Years since Dunblane

Twenty-five years ago, the deadliest mass shooting in British history occurred at Dunblane Primary School in Stirling, Scotland. I first learned of the shooting while browsing lists of historical anniversaries, and became intrigued by the fact that the shooting...

Taliban Takeover Threatens Afghan Girls

“Right now, at this moment, it looks like a nightmare. Everything we have worked for is collapsing right before our eyes. I don’t know what to feel and think anymore.”-Kabul University student in an interview with NPR By now, most of us have heard...

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