Explore our four unique exhibition series that tell stories about girls around the world from the past and present. Please note that our exhibitions are viewable on all devices. However, interactive content is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

The best introduction to Girl Museum, our mission and our ethos, is our first exhibition, Defining Our Terms. It is our manifesto, describing our point of view and for how we approach our content in each of our exhibition series.

Girlhood in Art

This series examines girlhood represented in Fine Art throughout history, featuring painting, sculpture, drawings, and other forms of visual art.

Art of Girlhood

This series investigates the intangible, ephemeral, and material culture of girlhood, like songs, games, clothes, toys, etc., using photographs, audio, and video.

Girls in the World

This series focuses on contemporary social issues and their origins via photographs, audio, and video. We primarily work with other nonprofit organizations for their expertise with these various topics

Contemporary Art

This series features the work of contemporary female artists reflecting on girlhood. New thematic exhibitions are opened every odd year, with select solo exhibitions opened to highlight the work of individual female artists. This series is led by Scarlett Evans.

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