Work with Us

Looking to gain experience in museums, girls and women’s studies, or digital media?

Want to work with like-minded activists who love art, history, and culture?

Need to earn academic credit or build your portfolio?

Join the Girl Museum team as an intern or volunteer.

Individuals of all backgrounds, gender orientations, and academic majors are welcome. Girl Museum is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to providing a safe, creative environment for all of our team members.

Volunteering with Girl Museum has been such a fantastic experience, and I have learnt so much in the year that I’ve been part of such an amazing team. The internship has helped me to build my confidence, develop research and writing skills further, and be part of a growing museum. It has also given me the opportunity to do something I love, whilst gaining valuable museum-related experience.
Claire Amundson


Am I an Intern or Volunteer?

An intern has a minimum of 5 hour per week/3 month commitment. Interns have weekly tasks alongside long term projects. This is for people with time, passion, and dedication.

A volunteer is someone who loves our mission, but has limited time to committ. Volunteers will typically have a project that is either short and discrete, or long term and fluid. Some volunteers choose to work on many projects over time, or to be recurring guest bloggers.

Resident Scholars

We invite scholars (who hold a PhD in their field of study) to contact us about serving as a volunteer Resident Scholar or on our Advisory Board. These positions are limited per year. Fill out the application form (link below) if you have (1) a PhD in a relevant field to our work, (2) want to expand both your research as well as contribute to our mission, and (3) are interested in serving in an advisory capacity on relevant projects.

Have questions? Please email us.


We are currently accepting applications for the following positions. All work is done online. Internships require a minimum 5 hours per week commitment for at least 3 months. When you work each week is determined by you. Volunteers have no minimum requirements. 


Notice: No Internships Available

We are not accepting applications at this time. Any inquiries sent to us via email will be automatically rejected or may not receive a response.

Fall 2023 openings and the application process will be anounced on this webpage on July 8.

“Why are you not accepting interns?” — Well, we have a lot going on at Girl Museum! Our senior team have some big projects in their personal lives (PhDs, career moves, etc.) and we have made a major culture shift to ensure work-life balance for our team members, which means making sure our all-volunteer team don’t take on too many projects (or interns!) at once. We are also finishing some big upcoming exhibits with our current interns, many of whom have spent multiple semesters with us. Our team decided to take Summer 2023 to finish these big goals and regroup, so that we can better plan and serve our interns in the coming school year. Subscribe to our email list to learn more and be the first to know when internship applications open.

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