At our Boutiques on Threadless and Redbubble, you will find clothing, home decor, and accessories with empowering designs and artworks produced by female artists exclusively for Girl Museum. 

Additionally, we are a Affiliate, where purchasing books on our recommendations lists helps support independent bookstores. As a bonus, 10% of every purchase you make through our store is donated to Girl Museum – at no cost to you! Get books, support girls, support bookstores. It’s a win-win-win!

All proceeds support our exhibitions and programs.

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Did you know your shopping can make a difference?

Do your regular shopping via the links below and they donate to Girl Museum!

Bravery is a quarterly print magazine that empowers kids to dream, learn, do, and become their own kind of brave. Each issue features a strong role model who embodied a trait we want to teach our kids—from Jane Goodall’s patient attitude to Maya Angelou’s kind character. Bravery promotes these traits through engaging stories, creative activities, and hands-on DIYs.

By clicking on the button below, a portion of your purchase is donated to Girl Museum through Bravery‘s affiliate program.

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