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Environmental Views: Easy Ways to Reduce Single-Use Plastic

High school activist Emily Tamkin is passionate about reducing her environmental footprint. Read on for some of her thoughts on how to reduce single-use plastic in your own lives, and check out the rest of her tips and advice next Friday! Back in the 1960s, a Swedish...

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Criminal Girls: Cyntoia Brown

Cyntoia Brown had a tough start to life. She was born with foetal alcohol syndrome and grew up in an abusive household. This led her to run away from her adoptive parents' house. She began drinking and using drugs as a young teen and it was at this time that she met a...

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Teen Dramas: The “Bad Girls” Part Two

The first two seasons of Pretty Little Liars tell us much of what we need to know about the character of Mona. (I also think the first two seasons are the best of the series). This post will contain a bunch of spoilers so read ahead at your own risk. We are introduced...

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Film Review: Clueless

Junior Girl Jessica Eykel reviews cult classic film, Clueless, and talks about the twenty-year-old film’s portrayals of girlhood.

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