Girl (n.): a female child, from birth to full growth.

Girlhood (n.): the state or time of being a girl.

Girl Museum is the first and only museum in the world dedicated to celebrating girls and girlhood. Established in March 2009, we believe girls are the key to a brighter, better future and that girls deserve to have a museum of their own.

By giving girls a space in which they can document, preserve, and present their history and culture, we empower girls to lead healthy, happy lives dedicated to creating a better world for all.

We are:

  • A virtual museum for the research, preservation, and presentation of girl culture. ¬†We are also a member of the International Association of Women’s Museums.
  • A community of passionate and creative individuals dedicated to¬†creating a world where all girls are¬†guaranteed their rights and the ability to live safe, healthy, happy lives.
  • A registered¬†501(c)3 non-profit educational organization in the United States.¬† We are also a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant.

We serve girls and girl studies in a variety of ways:

  • As an¬†information platform for socio-cultural dialogue about¬†girls around the world in the past and present.
  • As an institution that¬†researches and collects¬†stories about girls in art, history, and popular culture — including real life stories, images of girls in history and popular culture, and how these reflect cultural ideals and realities over time.
  • As a museum¬†presenting¬†exhibitions, publications, and projects that explore and document the unique experience of being born and growing up female.
  • As advocates for girls around the world, believing that girls are forces for collective responsibility and positive change in the global context. ¬†We believe girls are not victims and consumers — they are the key to a brighter, better future for all of humanity.

Girl Museum

Advocates for Girls Rights

Girl Museum supports and advocates girls’ rights in a variety of ways. We are the first and only online museum dedicated to documenting, celebrating, and preserving the experience of girls from birth through the age of 25. Our programs provide an information platform, a supportive community, and inspiration for young girls today.

Through our exhibitions, such as Girl for Sale, Gamer Girl, and Girl Up, we explore the history and culture of girls throughout time and across cultures. Our exhibitions explore the female perspective: how girls experience their world, as well as how they perceive and are perceived by society and the media, encompassing history, art, culture, science, current events, and girl-specific issues. Examining these representations helps us to better understand the human experience as a whole while giving life to the anonymous voices of history. In so doing, Girl Museum promotes the message that girls matter, and offers information on influential female figures from the past and present who may have been previously overlooked or underrated.

Girl Museum also raises awareness for girls in need, exploring modern-day issues and culture with an eye towards positively impacting girls’ lives. Our site includes information about charities and organizations dedicated to supporting women and girls in hard times and unfavourable situations. Additionally, many of our projects are the result of partnerships with activists, nonprofits, and other organizations that advocate for girls. This not only informs people of the challenges that still face girls globally, but can also foster a sense of connection between those in need and those who want to help.

Our programs—from informational pamphlets and links to other sites, to partnerships, podcasts, interviews, and blogs—help incite activism in young girls, instilling them with the inspiration and resolve they need to help tackle the biggest issues facing girls today. Whether promoting positive self-image and education, or working to end child slavery and gender-based violence, our programs focus on empowering our audience with the information and resources they need to help girls live healthy, happy, and full lives.

Girl Museum’s networks are vast, including our staff, interns, board, patrons, visitors, and social media followers. Together, they are the Girl Museum team: a community united by the same desire to uncover and explore girl issues and girlhood while working to make a world where gender inequality no longer exists, and every girl is free to realize her own potential. Our virtual projects enable instant collaboration Рwhether on social, on our website, or via personal connection Рto bring new ideas, new discoveries, and new voices to life for all the world to hear. By opening our doors at every point of access and empowering individuals with the information and ability to impact girls of the past and present, we demonstrate that by empowering every girl, we can achieve things beyond our wildest imaginations.

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Donation & Volunteer Run

Girl Museum exists because of volunteers and donations from around the world.

Our team is entirely volunteer – even our Head Girl! We dedicate our time and skills because we are passionate individuals who truly want girls’ history and voices to be recognized, represented, and fostered. We believe that girls are the key to our collective future.

Girl Museum is funded by viewers and patrons like you. As our Annual Reports show, we exist on very limited funding – often ineligible, due to our virtual status, for government funding or grants. Your donations help us keep this site a secure and free space in which to explore and celebrate girls of the past and present.

Love our site? Please consider donating to help us stay operational and produce more and better programs.

Girl Museum is a proud member of the following organizations:

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