Sites of Girlhood

Full project launching July 2020.

Sites of Girlhood is a large scale global project to put girls “on the map.” Girls around the world have been part participants and, at times, victims to some of the greatest moments in history. Their stories are more important than ever, shedding new light on our history while giving us a unique view of our hometowns and home countries.

This collaborative project is an opportunity for both a celebration of girls in history as well as establishing sites of memory in their honor. Through virtual recognition and the resources produced for this project, we will advocate for greater recognition and inclusion of girls in our historic sites and monuments. Sites of Girlhood is a combination of researched and crowd-sourced content from around the world.

Preview: Sites of Violence

In 2018, we began the pilot for Sites of Girlhood, focusing specifically on sites of violence related to girls. Both in the past and today, girls are witness to – and, at times, victims of – countless acts of violence around the world. During the International Association of Women’s Museums 2018 conference, which focused on “museums, memorials, and practices of remembrance,” we presented Sites of Violence to scholars from around the world. Their feedback is integral to our continued refinement of the Sites platform.



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Suggest a Site / Girl

Click the button to fill out a Sites of Girlhood Nomination Form. Our team will review your suggestion and, if approved, add it to our next map update. Thank you!


Podcast Series 2020

In 2020, Girl Museum will launch a new podcast series as part of the Sites of Girlhood series. This new podcast will have seasons that explore specific themes or regions where sites are located, showcasing how girls’ stories are cross-cultural and universal in nature. 

Want a sneak preview? Check out our ‘Landscapes of Girlhood’ podcast, produced as part of our GirlSpeak series, below.


Discover the Girls

Every site in our map will aim to have a blog post that reflects on the story of the girl(s) and their importance in history. Below, view the blogs we have published so far. Want to contribute? Consider volunteering with us to write about sites of girlhood!


African American Poets: Lucy Terry

African American Poets: Lucy Terry

Lucy Terry Prince. Oil painting by Louise Minks. Like many slaves of Colonial America, Lucy Terry came to Rhode Island from Africa as a very young child in the early 1730s. Purchased by Ebenezer Wells of Massachusetts, Lucy grew up in a time of turmoil with local...

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African American Poets: Phillis Wheatley

African American Poets: Phillis Wheatley

Public Domain. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections Division. Although her life (and stature) was short, Phillis Wheatley’s impact was mighty. We don’t know much about her early life except that she showed up in Boston Harbor on...

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Samantha Smith (1972 – 1985): America’s Youngest Ambassador

Samantha Smith (1972 – 1985): America’s Youngest Ambassador

Samantha Smith in Artek pioneer camp. Yuryi Abramochkin / Юрий Абрамочкин Samantha was born in Maine, United States and lived during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. In November 1982, Yuri Andropov became leader of the Soviet Union. It was...

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