We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary. That’s a decade of celebrating girlhood and providing a safe, virtual space for girls. 10 years of raising awareness about girls and girlhood globally, producing world class projects, publications and exhibitions, and documenting and sharing our stories.

To mark this milestone, we are partnering with Bonfire to create custom tee shirts that celebrate the superheroes on our staff and in every girl. Voted on by our team, our t-shirts are available only in March 2019!

A girl with pink pigtails and a gold crown with the number “10” on it stands triumphantly in a yellow dress with a purple superhero cape and eye mask.

We think she best encapsulates our plucky, determined little museum, supported by all of you, in the best, most fun and joyous way.

Girl Museum simply would not exist without those who continue to support, challenge, encourage and lift us up. Most importantly, our members and amazing all-volunteer team, led by our Head Girl Ashley Remer, our Program Developer Tiffany Isselhardt, Education Advisor Hillary Rose and our Editor in Chief, Katie Weidmann. We are forever grateful for their encouragement, steadfast support and hard work — what better way to show our gratitude than helping to raise funds to help keep the museum up and running for years to come?

In addition to your contribution, you get to rep some cool, kickass Girl Museum swag, so what are you waiting for? The campaign is only live for a few more weeks, so get your tee shirts while you still can — I know I am! Check out this link for more information and sizing details.

-Sage Daugherty
Associate Editor
Girl Museum Inc.

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