Wonder Woman. Credit: Warner Bros.

It was a concert, like many others. Favorite songs were played. Everyone laughed, screamed and sung out loud. But when it was over, 23 people were dead and 120 more were wounded. Senseless violence and loss. It was an attack on girls, girlhood, and girl joy.

It was a morning, like many others. Except today, at 15, she marries a man more than a decade older than her, a man she has never met. Forced by her father, the marriage is hidden from her mother, and she is sent to live with a stranger. Pregnant at 16, she wonders why no one was there to protect her.

It was an action movie, like many others. Except the movie is about a woman, both the main character and story line. Not that this movie is for the youngest girls amongst us. Violence is violence, regardless of the headliner. But it is about time. Her humanity and love are equal to her other superpowers. We need a Wonder Woman about now.

No wonder.

Ashley E. Remer
Senior Editor
Girl News International

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