We are a museum.
Our job is to look backwards and forwards at the same time.
Guiding viewers to a place of knowledge and understanding is what we do.
It is a tricky time for such tasks.
In a time when 1 in 4 Americans did not read a book last year, our job is made that much harder.
How can you learn from the past if you don’t know about it?

We know that girls have always been there, taking a stand for what is right. And they continued to do so, throughout the constant barrage of injustices during 2017.

Yet in spite of many people’s best efforts, there were ‘good’ things that happened last year, caveats notwithstanding.

The most exciting thing is the momentum, the rising tide of fearlessness from girls and women who have begun to see how they can make things better.
There is a ferocity and a genuine desire for real and meaningful change.
But unlike those who just want change for its own sake, we know what change we want and what the implications are. Giving girls their rights and their due is seen as a threat. And the system is desperate to keep girls shopping and afraid of girls knowing their true powers.

Raising the voices and elevating the status of girls in the world is a very trendy goal.
We have been here since 2009, when it wasn’t much on the social media radar.
Now the field is crowded and we are one of many, but we are still the only museum dedicated to celebrating girlhood.

There will be much consciousness-raising coming from our corner this year.
We will be loud. We will be clear.
We will jump without fear.
Strap in.

2018…here we go!

With strength and hope,

-Ashley E Remer
Head Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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