Student protesters with a variety of signs against guns and gun violence. There were approximately 14,000 people in Morristown, New Jersey, on March 24, 2018, protesting gun violence as part of the ‘March for our Lives’ nationwide protest. Photo: WikiCommons, Tomwsulcer

I won’t lie – this year was hard.
2018 was full of pivotal moments; some pretty incredible, and some dire “can we get through this?” ones as well.

Every year, I ask myself:
Do people care about what we are doing?
Are we just treading water?
Pushing out content to oblivion?
What can we do better?
Does everyone running an small volunteer nonprofit feel this way?

It can be lonely out here on the Internet.

But then I read stories about girls’ achieving greatness, making a difference to their local communities, and making the future brighter for the whole world. I also learn more about depths of depravity and atrocities committed against girls individually and en masse.

These extremes are galvanizing to our cause. We are here to document these experiences and lives. To clap and to shout and to never forget.

We are truly excited about 2019. It is our anniversary year – we’re 10 years old!!! Stay tuned for brilliant exhibitions and exciting project launches. As usual, there will be fun and informative content and opportunities to get involved and let us know how we are doing. Be on the look out for a new blog series by yours truly, called “Head Girl Rants” – I hope to amuse and provoke 🙂

To close out this year, please consider joining our Patreon program. It gives us the ability and financial security to carry on our work. We cannot do it without you.

With strength and hope,

-Ashley E. Remer
Head Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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