Organization call to action for pupils and students to strike every Friday, demanding immediate action against climate change.

Normally, you see us write “Girls are not heard”, “Girls are silenced”, “Girls are disadvantaged”. And while that is true, Greta Thunberg probably owes 50% of her popularity and her strong voice to the fact that she is – a girl. Then again, one could argue that this is sexist and terrible, it is also a huge advantage. There are plenty of grown men and women advocating steps against climate change with various methods. Could you name them from of top of your head? But Greta Thunberg, a school girl from next door, has the ears of world leaders and has brought tens of thousands of young people to the streets with the campaign “Fridays for Future”. She has a voice, amplified by the unlikely circumstances of her being the girl she is, the age she is, and the firm beliefs she has.

Did we need a young girl to come along and show us grown-ups how to handle the situation? Obviously, we needed to be shook by someone we didn’t expect. Greta Thunberg is a role model for girls and boys alike. Yes, if she were thirty years older, holding a PhD and campaigning like any old scientist would – her voice would blend in with all the rest. We wouldn’t have to move outside our comfort zone and admit that she puts most of us to shame with her passion for the planet and genuine desire for us to survive.

Carry on shaking us, Greta, and may the shook take action. Your girl voice is ringing in the ears of the saturated and educated. Don’t stop.

-Kristina Kraemer
Junior Editor
Girl News International

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