Abigail Breslin

Earlier in the month, in honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Abigail Breslin posted a script showing a powerful message: “You are not obligated to have sex with someone that you’re in a relationship with. Dating is not consent. Marriage is not consent.” (Shutterstock)

I ate a chocolate bar today, but it was a mini so it didn’t count.
We would like to think lots of little things we do don’t matter. And this can often spill over into bigger, more important things. Especially if these are things done to us.
He hit me, but it didn’t count, because I deserved it.
From the time we are born and before, everything that happens to us shapes who we will become and how we will function in the world.
Subtle and overt violence is so common, we become numb. If we are not taught to value our whole selves‚ our bodies and our minds‚ we will not know what counts.
We must teach girls that their bodies are not gross or vessels or silent temples.
Your body is your own. NO one has the right to do anything to it or for it without your consent.
Abigail Breslin didn’t report her rape. She and millions like her do not feel supported enough to speak out, to hold their rapists accountable. Rapists are often the ones who get the support and pass to try better next time. This is not a safe or sound world.


-Ashley E Remer
Girl News International

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