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The cruelty and far-reach of bullying can be felt in almost every family, school and community these days. From the President of the United States shouting down journalists and the president of the Philippines encouraging rape to the man who shot elderly Jewish people in a synagogue, right down to the school kids who wrapped a rope around a girl’s neck in the playground, it seems no one is safe from being a potential victim of the cowardly and self-righteous. The sexist and bigoted motivation behind these attacks and more seem to be increasing, each successful act of terror with no consequence emboldening the next. We have always treated each other pretty badly, but the stories that come across our screens now are more extreme in their violence and degradation of humanity.

Yet our memories seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Where are the 112 Chibok girls who are still missing? Some say dead. While we rightfully focus on the victims and survivors, wishing them recovery and a better life, where is the accountability of men in the world? I am sick to death of this. Most of us are. What can you do if your bully is a government? And it seems like all we can do, for those of us who are in the privileged position of being in a democratic country, is vote. But there is so much more we must do to change the future. We have to stand up and organize, while protecting and raising up the vulnerable. It is as simple and hard as that.

Ashley E Remer
Girl News International

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