A few days ago, I was watching TV when a commercial came across the screen that caught my attention. Normally, I use commercial breaks to investigate updates on my social media outlets, so it takes a lot for commercial to intrigue me. Verizon Wireless produces this particular commercial titled, “Inspire Her Mind.”

The commercial follows the life of a young woman, Sam. It begins by showing Sam in her childhood and adolescent years, exploring different aspects of nature and science. In the background, Sam’s parents are heard instructing her “don’t get dirty,” “be careful, you’ll hurt yourself,” and other warnings. Each time Sam tries something new that is perceived as “non-feminine,” those to whom she turns for support discourage her. Instead of receiving praise for her innovative and creative mind, she is complimented on her physical appearance. The message of the commercial becomes apparent when Sam is showed as a teenager in high school. She walks up to a billboard with activity advertisements and she is given the choice between the “Ninth Grade Science Fair” and “Student Voting.” Instead of reading the advertisements, Sam takes out a tube of lip-gloss and proceeds to use the glass surrounding the advertisements as a mirror to apply it, ignoring the educational opportunities presented. Text appears stating the lack of female engineering majors in college.



The thirty-second commercial is short, but extremely powerful. Relying solely on physical features to compliment and encourage young girls does deeper damage than many people realize. There is a severe lack of female engineers as well as other math and science majors. Girls have creative opportunities and abilities and it is possible, with more encouragement, these girls can become the inventors, scientists, and mathematicians of the future. I am very impressed with this change in perspective and advertising, and I applaud Version Wireless for their support for creativity and innovation.

-Casey Gymrek
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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