Giving a Girl Her Due: Sacajawea and the Corps of Discovery

Sacajawea Statue in Salmon, Idaho. Photo: Creative Commons, 2.0/J. Stephen Conn  In Salmon, Idaho, a statue commemorates a well-known Native American woman: Sacajawea. Born to the Lemhi Shoshone, but raised by the Hidatsa, Sacajawea is known in American history...

A Girlhood Ago: Commemorating 9/11

Now, take a moment, and think of a country losing its innocence. It sounds traumatizing, almost post apocalyptic, but what does America losing its innocence look like?

The Essex woman breaking down barriers in British archaeology

Nina Layard on site at an archaeological excavation. Nina Layard isn’t a household name, but she definitely should be. The way that she pushed the boundaries in male-dominated fields was hugely significant and inspiring for young women looking for role models in...

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