Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan), Phoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano), Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs)

(Caution: *spoilers* if you haven’t seen the series)

‏Charmed was a TV show that ran from 1998-2006 about three sister witches who, once reconnected by returning to their childhood home, receive their magical powers (telekinesis, the power to freeze time, and premonitions) and discover the Book of Shadows (their family spell and potion book). This discovery brings the sisters closer together, as they come to terms with their unusual inheritance and start having to face demons and warlocks.

‏I grew up watching this show with my younger sister, and we loved the friendship and support between the sisters. They fought sometimes, and certain things came between them, such as Piper’s desire for a normal life, or Phoebe’s relationship and marriage to a demon who becomes the Source of all Evil. However, throughout all of this they remained loyal to each other, and always forgive each other for their mistakes.

‚ÄèWhile they were sisters, I still think it positively celebrates female friendships. The first three seasons are about Pru, Piper, and Phoebe who share a mother and father, however at the end of season three Pru dies and the sisters find out they have another sister, Paige. She reconnects the power of three, and they are soon back to fighting evil. This is arguably the worst thing to happen to them since their mother dies when they are young, and they get through it by sticking together. Paige is welcomed into the family, despite the recent difficult circumstances that brought them together.

‚ÄèCharmed is story about young women coming to terms with their destiny and strong female friendships and power. There has been some recent rumours of a Charmed reboot, so here’s hoping!

‚Äè-Danielle Triggs
‚ÄèJunior Girl
‚ÄèGirl Museum Inc.

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