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As a child, I remember so many school friends who didn’t like Angelica. They thought she was spoiled and demanding; undeniably, these were fair assumptions. However, Angelica represented so much more to me. She was an anti-hero and a strong female figure who wasn’t afraid to be herself. Angelica Pickles singlehandedly showed me the necessity of self-confidence, and why self-love was of the utmost importance.  Angelica referred to herself as “the prettiest, most beautiful kid in the universe”; she truly embraces herself and inspired me to do the same in my youth. Even whilst Angelica was surrounded primarily by male figures, she truly believed herself to be the most important person in the room at all times. Angelica had no intention of playing into gender stereotypes; arguably, Angelica Pickles was the original boss lady. 

Angelica was never afraid to demonstrate her emotions, even if they were unfavorable with those around her. She was a tempestuous character who wasn’t afraid to get angry; nor did she care if those around her were uncomfortable by her expressions of emotion. We also see from the numerous stories she tells the babies, that Angelica’s imagination is incredible and extremely out there. As a creative child, I always wanted to think like Angelica. She prompted me to put pencil to paper and engage in the art of creative writing. 

She is a persistent woman who defies all odds, and her style and elaborate taste even as a toddler established her as the epitome of cool. Whilst many are quick to define Angelica in negative terms, I believe people were merely horrified by a female with such a fierce demeanor. She had the power to defend herself; Angelica feared no one. I think adults should look at Angelica for guidance, I certainly do. She’s got more attitude than most people decades older than her, and she isn’t afraid of what other people think of her. She is unapologetically herself and demands that those around her treat her well. That’s the kind of confidence we all aim to acquire eventually, right?  

-Rebecca McGettigan
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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