Looking for something to listen to on your morning commute? Want to learn about girls over your lunch? There are loads of amazing podcasts out there about and by girls. Join us as we share some of our favorites in this series.

Have I ever related to anything more than the Millennial podcast? It‚Äôs a question I’ve asked myself at the end of every episode. Megan Tan, the narrator, describes the podcast as ‚Äòwhat people never teach you ‚Äì how to manoeuvre your twenties‚Äô.

The word ‘millennial’ gets a bad reputation. Also known as Generation Y, born 1980-2000, they’re mainly known as the generation to have grown up with computers and increasingly, the Internet. Stereotypes include tech-obsessed, selfish, lazy, spoiled, and so on.

Megan is here to change that reputation.

Millennial is endearingly honest. The podcast is a highly personal, almost diary-like, following of her daily life. “How millennial, to make a podcast about being a millennial,” Megan jokes. Not shying away from any topic, even the process of gaining sponsorship is discussed.

Millennial is also endearingly relatable. It touches on events that happen to most in their twenties: boyfriend problems, moving back in with parents after graduation, navigating careers, dealing budgets or a lack thereof, and working rubbish jobs while trying to ‘make it’. Being in your twenties, especially as a woman, can feel isolated, like you’re the only person in the world facing these hurdles. Following Megan along for the ride is comforting.

I’m a big podcast fan. A connoisseur, you could say (I don’t, but you could.). With podcasts, the narrative can be great, the host likable, but if the audio is poor it’s ruined before it’s begun. Millennial is not one of the podcasts. Megan is pursuing a career in radio production, which is so obvious when listening to Millennial. The audio is so clear, so smooth, and varied and interesting in the soundbites she uses.

But, there‚Äôs no point in reading a rave review about Millennial. Regardless of what I say, your favourite part of Millennial will be Chuck Severance. Megan‚Äôs boyfriend’s dad is hilarious. Don‚Äôt take my word for it; search Millennial on iTunes or Soundcloud.

-Chloe Turner
Volunteer & Instagram Manager
Girl Museum Inc.

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