Want to be in an upcoming exhibit?

We are seeking contributions to our I am a Girl exhibit, which will premiere in 2021. This exhibit explores the historical and contemporary definitions of girlhood, and hopes to provide the world with a more inclusive perspective on what it means to identify as a “girl” today.

The exhibit was born out of our experiences at conferences and our ongoing research into girlhood. The more we explore, the more we have come to understand that “girl” is defined in many ways and can cover a broad range of experiences. As part of this exhibit, we hope to have individuals who identify as “girl” contribute their own reflections on identity and girlhood.

Use the form below (or click here to open in a new tab) to send your answers, and we’ll include them in the I am a Girl exhibit! Contributions are due by October 31, 2020, to ensure inclusion in the exhibit at launch.

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