Girl News InternationalDear Reader,

As news broke about Harvey Weinstein this month, celebrities, activists and young women all over the world turned to social media in solidarity. Their show of solidarity came in the form of two simple words: me too. The #metoo campaign took over social media; the hashtag began trending all over the world as over half a million women shared their stories of abuse and showed their support. As the #metoo campaign continues to grow and bring to light young women’s issues that are all too often neglected, so too does this issue of Girl News.

These are issues that girls all over the world are faced with every day, yet are not encouraged to speak up about. For example, as the current US government implements dubious new birth control for girls, The Ministry of Health denies girls in Uganda the right to free contraception and as statistics in self-harm and mental health issues continue to rise, girl’s self-esteem and confidence in their body image is at an all time low. Such trends reveal that girls are constantly placed in situations that are out of their control. However, what the #metoo campaign has shown us is hope in progress, the hope that girls, in talking about and sharing their experiences, can be fearless, and regain their control.

Help us share, and continue to bring these stories to light. Please read and take part in the widespread support that girls everywhere are finding in the supportive community of #metoo.

With Strength and Hope,

-Megan Sormus
Junior Editor
Girl News International

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