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Dear Reader,

The year 2017 brings many changes into our world – some of them give us hope to see long-awaited goals achieved, some make us fear where 2017 may lead. But for most girls, their lives will not change over night. Although new legislations bring an end to archaic conditions in some places, the overall educational situation of girls and young women in general is still alarming. And education, in fact, is everything: ending FGM by educating men and women alike about health risks, raising the female student figures at Tokyo’s elite university, demanding a young Muslim girl to take part in school swimming lessons in Germany. Education sits at the root and the core of empowerment. More than teaching only the basic and advanced sciences, education is the foundation for building fair and strong societies. This year, already full of negative headlines, must bring us further down the difficult path of making education a priority. So many lives depend on it. Help us spread the word of all the good that has and will happen this year.

With strength and hope,

Ashley Remer & Kristina Kraemer
Girl News International

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