Girls from the district of Khawja Omari participate in classes being held outside at the all-girls school. Provincial Reconstruction Team-Ghazni visited the school that day to meet with school officials and discuss upcoming projects. By Sarah R. Webb (U.S. armed forces) [Public domain or CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Dear Reader,

Change can only last if it comes from inside. Whether it’s from inside a country like Afghanistan, where young women lead a TV station, or a inside a society accepting and celebrating a lesbian prom king and queen. Change must address a need, such as a mother developing new girl’s clothing because nothing on the market suits her girls. And change needs support especially our support if it helps girls.

Please share the stories from this issue, and pass on the message of how change can happen. Because if we work together, nothing must stay unchanged.

With strength and hope,

Ashley Remer & Kristina Kraemer
Girl News International

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