Photo Courtesy of Noelle Belanger.

Hello everybody! My name is Noelle Belanger, I am from Michigan in the United States, and I am studying Anthropology, French, and Museum Studies. I am studying abroad in Quebec in the fall of 2019 so I can learn to speak French fluently. I am passionate about girlhood and the role that women play in different cultures (as a way to tie into my Anthropology degree), and am very excited to begin working with the Girl Museum!

My hobbies include watching movies and TV shows – my favorites being classics like Audrey Hepburn films and lots of Brooklyn 9-9. I also enjoy writing short stories, poetry, and sketching. I love listening to music and I am able to listen to anything new. I love traveling and finding new places to explore and learning about new cultures, and I am passionate about languages. I hope to learn to speak as many languages as I can throughout my life.

My dream job is to be a world-renowned Ethnographer/Anthropologist who travels all over the world and has many published findings. I also hope to be a curator at a museum that I love, and a published author. Later in life I hope to get my PhD and become a professor at a university.

My favorite museum is the Detroit Institute of Arts because I grew up visiting the museum frequently. I love the exhibits and the marble architecture, and every time I go I have the time of my life.

The biggest issue facing girls currently is the abortion laws being passed or speculated for passing in a number of states in the USA. Many women and people who have vaginas are fearful for their lives that they would not be able to obtain safe abortions in the near future, since outlawing abortions will only outlaw safe abortions. This is an issue mainly occupying the United States at the moment, and I hope to gain the perspectives of other countries in the world on this pressing issue. One thing is for certain – women need to come together in this time of fear and need, and make sure that we are safe and protected.

-Noelle Belanger
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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