Hi there! I’m Stephanie Ray and I’m a Girl Museum intern based out of Brooklyn, New York. Before my time in New York, I worked in a series of libraries in my home state of Georgia. While I’ve enjoyed my work in libraries, my real interest lies in history. This life-long passion led me to graduate with my undergraduate degree in History from University of Georgia. Now, I attend New York University, where I pursue my dream of being a fashion historian. 

In addition to my love of history and historic clothing, I am a huge pop culture consumer. I love to stay in the know with celebrities, current events, conspiracies, and more. I also love watching television and reading books. Much like my love of history, I love anything that can submerge me in a different world while also reminding me how similar the human experience is across the board. With these interests, it’s no surprise I also love writing! Whether it’s a script or a short story, there’s nothing like telling tales to others. 

While I hope to write professionally in some capacity, I am enrolled in NYU’s costume studies program. I’m currently writing my thesis as a final step before entering the world as a fashion historian. I hope more than anything I’ll find myself working in the archives of some fabulous museum or collection. My favorite museum is the Met in New York, whose impressive collection and beautiful building make you feel like a movie character. I also love the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. This huge historic home is one of the most stunning locations I’ve ever seen! Luckily for me, they also host clothing exhibits quite frequently.

One of the biggest issues girls face today is the continued lack of representation. This issue ultimately led me to become a fashion historian as women in other history subjects are often considered footnotes. By focusing my interest in fashion history, I found a field where female narratives are always elevated. This makes it a perfect lens to view women’s social history. This lack of representation is also why I am a Girl Museum intern, as I believe girls should be able to find themselves in whatever space they look. I love that the work I will be doing with the Girl Museum will perpetuate this representation.

-Stephanie Ray
Junior Girl
Girl Museum Inc.

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