A modern take on Pinga.

A modern take on Pinga.

Pinga is an Inuit goddess whose name means “She Who is On High.” This references her place as goddess of the hunt and watcher of the well being of all animals. Some sources say that if she becomes angered by human behavior, she will prevent the caribou – one of the animals essential to Inuit culture – from visiting human settlements during their annual migrations.

She is also known for her relationship with tribal shamans. As a healer, Pinga is often channeled by Inuit shamans to obtain abilities and the knowledge to heal. This aspect of her deity has also led her to be the Inuit goddess of fertility, overseeing conception and birth.

Finally, Pinga also plays a role as the one who gathers up human souls and transports them to the underworld known as Adlivun. This makes Pinga a goddess of both life and death, and many Inuit have prayed to her for their souls and for healing.

-Tiffany Rhoades
Program Developer
Girl Museum, Inc.

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