A new year often brings change: for many, new resolutions or re-commiting to past pledges come with the start of a new year. Here at Girl Museum, as we’re entering our 9th year (!), we realized the need to add to our senior staff. As we continue our resolution to provide girls a space that documents, preserves, and presents their history and culture, we realized the need to grow. So for 2018, we committed to expand our senior staff.

Girl Museum continues to be run by volunteers, and the Junior Girl intern program is integral to what we do. But with our continued ambitious program of exhibitions, book proposals, and conferences–not to mention our fast-approaching 10 year anniversary–we realized we needed more long-term staff to help us meet our resolutions.

Ashley remains our center as Head Girl, and Tiffany continues to guide us as Program Director. Hillary still develops our educational side as Museum Education Advisor, and in mid-2017, Chloe joined the team as our Volunteer & Instagram Manager. Shortly after, we said goodbye to our long-term Communications Officer, Sarah Jackson. Sarah joined Girl Museum with me in 2010, as one of the original Junior Girls. Lastly, I have a new title, Editor-in-Chief, which better reflects my duties at Girl Museum.

Joining us are five new senior staff members. Devon Allen, with her wealth of knowledge in mythology, is a Curator. Alongside Devon as Curator is Claire Amundson, with her background in education and history. Sage Daugherty is putting her journalism background to good use as our¬†Associate Editor. Scarlett Evans is using her diverse travels and educational background as our Manager, Contemporary Art. And long-time columnist Michelle O’Brien is now a Contributing Writer across our platforms.

As 2018 begins, we’re excited to have them help us, and all our wonderful Junior Girls, carry Girl Museum forward, to 10 years and beyond!

-Katie Weidmann
Girl Museum Inc.

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