We are pleased to announce an open call for writers and visual artists to contribute to a new exhibition— Girlhood Is a Spectrum.

Many of you may have seen the memes with this text that celebrate the versatility of girlhood, from ethereality to creepiness, from fawn-like to Kafkaesque.
We invite you to speak on the girlhood flux in the language of poetry, prose, or images. It is up to you how to interpret the theme.

What are the poles of this spectrum for you and what lies in-between?

No two girlhoods are the same–so your voice matters!

Submission Guidelines

  • For text entries: We welcome texts of different genres, such as poems (including poetic cycles), short stories, flash fiction, essays, or whatever your genre definition will be.
    Formats accepted: Word or text files.
    Maximum word count: 750.
  • For visual entries: We welcome digital creative images, such as drawings, paintings, illustrations, and collages. We do not accept photography or videos. Please make sure that you submit works in high resolution.
    Formats accepted: jpg, jpeg, png.
    Max file size 2.5MB
  • If your entry contains both text and images (if it is a comic, for example), please submit it as a visual entry.
  • You can submit both a textual and a visual entry, but only one per category. Each submission must be original, unpublished, and created without the use of AI.
  • Text submissions can be in your native language, but an English translation must also be provided.
  • You must be 18 years old to enter.

The deadline for submission is midnight EST 1 December 2023.

Exhibition Details

A Girl Museum committee will select the top five entries for each category. If you are selected, you will be notified by email. They will be posted shortly afterwards as an exhibition. 

Girl Museum has the non-exclusive right to use the image or text on its website and for marketing and promotion of the artists, writers, and the exhibition.

All entries remain the copyright of the creators.

If your submission is not selected, the digital file will be destroyed.

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