Wiki-Women: Rewriting the Past

If you open the internet and search for just about anything, chances are a Wikipedia entry will be your top search result. From social groups during the French Revolution and the origin of avocados to who invented the zipper and how to make a tourniquet, Wikipedia has...

The Power of Fracturing Fairy Tales

Once upon a time… There is something inherently nostalgic about those words. They bring us back to childhood, when we were first introduced to fairy tales. For me, I’m brought back to a cold winter’s day. Not a weekend, but a weekday. I was...

Irena Sendler: The Angel of Warsaw

Irena Sendler, Christmas Eve, 1944. Image from Wikimedia. Not many people know the name Irena Sendler. There are no statues of her in local parks or schools named in her honor. Even after Yad Vashem–Israel’s official memorial and organization dedicated to...

History at Home Reading Resources

Junior Girl Emily VanderBent follows up her Dear America series post with some suggestions and recommendations for readers of all levels.

A Delicate Balance

Emily explores the balance between being a historian and a creative writer.

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