ClariceBeanI really enjoyed Utterly Me, Clarice Bean. This is a very fun, interesting and witty book. I would recommend this book to any girl who likes comedy books. I would also recommend this book to anyone who likes or has heard of the author Lauren Child (also illustrated for the children’s show Charlie and Lola).

I really like how Clarice Bean (the main character) compares almost everything to her favorite book character Ruby Redfort. Clarice is the kind of girl who likes figuring things out (by the way) she also likes to use the word “utterly” a lot. She is a giant mystery solver just like her hero Ruby Redfort, girl detective.

When she is trying to do her book report and project on ruby when her best friend Betty Moody completely disappears. It gets even worse rat voiced Mrs. Wilberton pairs her with the most annoying boy in her class. Mrs. Wilberton thinks she has the concentration of a fly. In Clarice’s defense, its sort of hard to concentrate on school when someone steals the trophy for the school book project, you’re dad might be a secret agent, your new project partner might ruin things and your best friend is missing.

I love the way Lauren child sets up Clarice’s diary were all the words and letters are different sizes and how adjectives like the word down are actually spelled going down the page. I love how crazy looking but descriptive the pictures are in the book. I think that this book should be read for enjoyment especially if you’re bored, you’ll never put it down. I think this book needs a sequel because many girls would enjoy it, especially if it became a series.

-Review by Jada O. (12)

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