Dani aka Foxiefyre, Lixit

Dani aka Foxiefyre, Lixit

I am a gamer for many reasons…

My dad and brother got me into gaming as a kid (Atari, Nintendo, Sega), and then my husband help develop my inner nerd (FPS/MMO/ARPG) .

I love being able to immerse myself in a world that is different then what I live in. I deal with a lot of chronic pain and just feel awful most of the time, gaming is how I escape it a bit. It’s my way to relax and have a good time. Not to mention some challenge me in a thrilling way! Plus I get to enjoy dressing toons up in a way I would NEVER dress out in the real world, teehee.


I have also met some of the most amazing people who live ALL over the world! I love when you find a guild/clan that you just fit in and you help build this marvelous community of people. I try to make friends outside of games but I just never find the same connection as I do with people I game with. Gaming fosters this social butterfly.

-Dani (Foxiefyre, Lixit)
California, USA

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