Whitney Liles


It all started back in 1989 when I was just a two year old little girl. My older brother and I got the newly released GameBoy system by Nintendo that came with the game “Balloon Kid.” That started a life long journey of gaming and using gaming as a way to influence, educate, minister, and inspire gamers from all around the world, of different races, and of different gaming backgrounds.

Gaming has impacted my life in ways I never thought would be possible for a small town country girl from North Carolina. It has landed in different places all over the country with companies such as EA (Electronic Arts) and UBISOFT Entertainment. All of which have acknowledged me as a true gamer with a purpose to change the gaming industry and community in a huge positive way. I have been recognized as an ambassador for UBISOFT Entertainment and given a chance to represent them at the widely yearly anticipated gaming event known as E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo of 2013. I was interviewed on television as well as on an online stream.

I have been a constant visitor to EA (Electronic Arts) as I am known to be a huge supporter of the The Sims video franchise, where I have had the chance to have first-hand gameplay experience with games such MySims and The Sims 4: Get To Work. This opportunity has helped in my quest to develop my very own video game arcade in my small hometown of North Carolina. This will be my chance to give the youth a chance to express themselves in ways that will help them develop fellowship with other gamer enthusiasts as well as be inspired to get into educative fields either in the Arts, Computer Sciences, Fashion, or Entertainment.

United States

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