Country: Netherlands

Short bio: I am a student in the International Master’s programme “Children’s Literature, Media and Culture”. During the semester abroad at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, I am focusing on the transcultural dimensions of children’s cultures. Coming from the ethnic territory of indigenous Finno-Ugric Erzya people in the Volga region in Russia, one of my primary academic interests is decolonisation.  I have a background in education and find working with adolescents very invigorating. I also write poetry and short prose.

Hobbies / interests: I am a lifelong music fan who enjoys singing. I think that my teenage passion for searching new records and reading articles on music helped me develop as a researcher. I also love film photography and travelling.

Dream job: I aspire to become a good writer. Or a musician. Or both. I cherish literature and music for their creative and communicative power. It would be fulfilling to know that my texts helped someone know or feel something new. Also, I find much pleasure in exploring how language works!

Favorite museum and why: I love Manchester Art Gallery – and not only for a great collection of pre-Rafaelites’ works! What amazes me the most about the gallery is its approach to curating. The works are juxtaposed thematically rather than chronologically to provide a clear picture of artistic views on issues like climate change, migration, and identity. Such a display allows the visitor to perceive works of art in their dialogue and feel encouraged to become another voice in the discussion.

Biggest issue facing girls you know: Finding their own way may be very stressful for girls. They face the necessity to make many important decisions – from choosing their style to managing many activities. It is encouraging to see more and more good role models in the media so girls are not left alone.

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